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Process of Obtaining Social Security Disability on Your Own

Qualifying for Social Security Disability and for SSI benefits is not easy. You must be considered disabled under Social Security's rules and regulations. With over a decade of experience in obtaining benefits for Social Security claimants, The Taylor Law Office has the experience and skills necessary to win your claim. You may apply for benefits by calling your local Social Security office to schedule an office or telephone interview or you may apply on-line at About 65% of all applicants are denied initially. If you are denied initially, you should request reconsideration. About 80% of the claims are denied on reconsideration. If you are denied on reconsideration, you should request a hearing before an administrative law judge. At that level, about 60% of the claims are granted as most people are represented by lawyers. It takes about four to six months to receive a written decision on the initial application and on reconsideration. It takes about a year for a hearing to be scheduled before an administrative law judge and several months for the judge to write a decision.

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People who retain attorneys are more successful in obtaining benefits, as attorneys are familiar with the process, the forms and the procedures and know legal arguments to make and factual issues to present in order to obtain a favorable decision. The Taylor Law Office is well versed in state and federal disability issues, including social security, civil service, long-term disability, ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act), and Medicare coverage.

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